Our Vision

All of our projects are designed to bring people together and strengthen the community. We believe that the best way to help people that are struggling is to encourage them to help themselves. A community garden is an amazing way to accomplish this.

Rolling Stone Food Garden is our first initiative as an organization to create a unique sense of community.

Our Story

Rolling Stone Food Garden, our first project, has been functioning since the summer of 2017. This project is still very young and we have big plans for expansion throughout the 2018 spring and summer.

Next Steps...

We welcome anyone interested in our organization to visit Harvest United Methodist Church and participate in our garden project. Help us grow a garden and more importantly grow our community!

We also are accepting donations to fund our next big project.  To learn more about this project, visit the 'Portfolio' tab above.

Click the 'Call to Action' button if you are interested in donating.